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Women organism is unique and women health demands special approach in care and treatment. All women experience menopause, this stage is inevitable in the life of every woman. With time, at the age of approximately 35, woman's ovaries produce less estrogen - a hormone which is needed for menstruation and the possibility of getting pregnant. Changing of estrogen level in women affect many organs, including the heart, bone, urinary tract, skin and hair. Women suffer from unpleasant symptoms in a period of menopause, because of changes in estrogen level. There are often irregular cycles, vaginal dryness, and hot flushes, problems with the genitourinary system, poor sleep and mood changes. All these symptoms bring many inconveniences during every day work, during intimate life; bring fatigue, tiredness and many unpleasant feelings. Many years ago women had to endure all these symptoms. Today thanks to modern medicine women can use special remedies to change estrogen level and to avoid such unpleasant natural symptoms in their body. Gynecologists often recommend Estrace. It is a popular drug that is used for the treatment of menopause’s symptoms as it adds the missing amount of estrogen.

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Actually menopause brings many inconveniences, flushes may cause even embarrassments in society. Flushes are a sensation when the growing waves of heat begin in the chest and spreads to the neck, face and hands. It occurs on average once every hour and usually last 3-4 minutes. Hot flashes are often replaced by considerable sweating and then chill.

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Be careful and use reliable contraception during treatment by Estrace. If you noted that you are pregnant, stop taking Estrace and consult your doctor. As any other drug, Estrace can cause side-effects such as a headache, vaginal itching, changes in menstrual periods, nausea, bloating. If you feel really bad, it is better to stop taking pills and consult your doctor.

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